The sitcom One Day at a Time, which was canceled last year by Netflix, premieres Tuesday on its new home, Pop TV. The move from Netflix to POP TV makes it the first original program to be canceled and then revived on a traditional linear network.

When the show premieres, there will be a couple of changes to the show’s format due to way it will be displayed on Pop TV.

When the first episode of season 4 premieres, it will not include the catchy theme song. Due to the timing restriction on linear television, One Day at a Time will be less one minute, which meant deleting the catchy Gloria Estefan theme song fans of the show love.

“It’s OK, it’s on YouTube,” said Gloria Calderón Kellett, the sitcom’s showrunner. “Gloria Estefan’s going to be OK. We’ll tell people it’s there, and we’ll still tweet about it. But we don’t have that 50 seconds, we need it for the show.”

Another change to the show will be its availability. When the series streamed on Netflix, the entire season was available for viewing. Episodes of season 4 will premiere individually each week.

The future of Pop itself is in a transitional state after parent ViacomCBS shut down three of its other scripted series. However, One Day at a Time is being marketed by Pop TV aggressively. Season 4 will begin airing on March 24, 2020.