The Boys and Wandavision battle to add heroic melody to the Original Song Emmy category. 

Emmy nominated Chris Lennertz penned the emotional “Never Truly Vanish” for The Boys with Starlight actress Erin Moriarty taking center stage.

With the breakout first season of Amazon’s The Boys, showrunner and producer Eric Kripke delivered monstrous laughs, deeply flawed characters, and frequent, unnecessary breastfeeding to immense critical acclaim.

The offbeat superhero dramedy was lauded for its characters, tone, and original score by frequent Kripke-collaborator and Emmy nominated composer Chris Lennertz. In a previous interview, Lennertz spoke to Awards Focus about his work on season one and crafting the sound for The Boys.

With season two, the audience mourns several characters that didn’t make it past the season one finale. One of those characters is Translucent, a rather perverted member of Vought’s “The Seven.”  His death, thanks to a rectally implanted bomb, was first made public in the season two opening.

For Translucent’s funeral, Vought’s corporate strategists decided that an original song, performed by one of “The Seven,” would be a fitting tribute for the fallen hero.

That song, “Never Truly Vanish,” is now in contention for an Emmy nomination. Written by Lennertz and performed by Starlight actress Erin Moriarty, there’s no shortage of love for the song which doubles as a heartfelt ballad and an equally comedic satire in the context of the show.

“In the series, we lean into parody and the song was brilliantly composed by Chris (Lennertz),” says Moriarty. “It’s very Celine Dion power ballad delivered in such a funny situation.”

Moriarty enjoyed the opportunity to record and perform the song in the series and in the linked music video.

Executive producer Seth Rogen had high praise for the track. “There’s no better way to honor an exploded hero than through the majesty of song,” Rogen says. “Enjoy the greatest song you’ll hear in your entire life.”

After working with legendary songwriter Alan Menken for years, and penning animated anthems for iconic singers including Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Lizzo, and Nick Jonas, Lennertz was prepared to bring an over-the-top energy to a song for The Boys. He explains, “Eric [Kripke] wanted the song to sound like Adele meets Titanic, but with all of the propaganda that Vought [the fictitious corporation] would require. In order to create  that tone, I tried to balance the parody of the earnest lyrics with the polished production of a classic power ballad.”

“The trick of the song is that it had to be both sincere and a parody at the same time,” says co-songwriter and Emmy nominee Michael Saltzman. “We wanted something that Diane Warren might write and Celine Dion might sing that had the feel of a ‘Wind Beneath My Wings,’ with an element of faux-patriotism and faux-Christianity that would be on-brand for Vought.”

Saltzman jumped at the opportunity to put the words in Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) mouth. “I asked Eric Kripke, the showrunner, if I could take a crack at the lyrics for his episode, and he said, ‘Sure. Go for it.'”  Saltzman handed  in the lyrics and then waited to hear the final track.  “Composer and co-songwriter Chris Lennertz adjusted some of the lyrics to fit what he was doing musically… Chris keyed into what I was thinking, and then vastly improved the finished piece.”

“What Chris does for our score is incredible, he finds the most eclectic instruments which gives the show its punk rock aesthetic,” Kripke shares. “His ability to be a musical chameleon is something I’ll always appreciate.”

The Boys is available to stream on Amazon and available for digital download.