Michael Rooker has been cast as a series regular opposite David Oyelowo in the Showtime drama pilot The President Is Missing. The drama pilot is based on the novel by President Bill Clinton and James Patterson.

In The President Is Missing pilot, a powerless and politically aimless vice president (Oyelowo) unexpectedly becomes president halfway into his administration’s first term when President Jillian Stroud goes missing, despite his every wish to the contrary. He walks right into a secret, world-threatening crisis, both inside and outside the White House. Attacked by friends and enemies alike, with scandal and conspiracy swirling around him, he is confronted with a terrible choice: keep his head down, toe the party line and survive, or act on his stubborn, late-developing conscience and take a stand.

Rooker will play Greg Parkes, the Special Agent in Charge of the Vice Presidential Protection Detail. The impossible task of protecting James Martin (Oyelowo) has proved more than a warrior like Parkes can bear. Rooker is best known for his roles as Henry in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Terry Cruger in Sea of Love, Hal Tucker in Cliffhanger, Merle Dixon in AMC’s The Walking Dead and Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

In addition to Oyelowo, Rooker joins fellow series regulars Janet McTeer, Paul Adelstein, Medina Senghore and Gina Gallego.

The President Is Missing is executive produced by Christopher McQuarrie (Top Gun: Maverick) and Heather McQuarrie, Anthony Peckham, Clinton, Patterson, Bill Robinson, Leopoldo Gout and Oyelowo and co-executive produced by Jillian Share for Invisible Ink Productions. Peckham is writing the adaptation.