Netflix FYSEE Ozark Finale Event

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel greeted a packed audience of Television Academy members at Raleigh Studios on Sunday June 5th in Los Angeles. The Ozark FYSEE event screened the series’ finale ahead of a near hour ... Read More...
Costume Designer Christopher Hargadon

Emmy Nominee Christopher Hargadon on Designing The Umbrella Academy’s Costumes

Costume designer Chris Hargadon is having a standout year, hot off his first Emmy nomination for his work on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. The hit adaptation of the popular Dark Horse Comic centers around seven-super-powered-siblings. The gifted children, adopted by wealthy eccentric Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), were specifically trained to use their powers to save the world.
BRIDGERTON Casting Director Kelly Valentine Hendry

Kelly Valentine Hendry on Casting Bridgerton

When it came to casting Bridgerton, Kelly Valentine Hendry brought together an incredibly diverse and inclusive ensemble. “It’s time for us to tell our stories in a way that’s accessible to everybody,” Hendry says.