Film Review: Decision To Leave

With his latest endeavor, "Decision to Leave," the director delivers another genre-weaving classic as he merges romance with a classic film noir detective story.

Film Review: The Whale

"The Whale" is deeply empathetic and Aronofsky’s character study is carried by Fraser's performance as Charlie, a gay and morbidly obese English teacher who keeps his camera off as he instructs his students via some version of zoom.

Film Review: Tár

Writer/director Todd Field (Oscar nominated for “Little Children”) returns to theaters after his nearly two-decade hiatus with two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine,” “The Aviator”) portraying Lydia Tár.

Film Review: Living

The most impactful thread of the film is the blossoming relationship between Mr. Williams and his co-worker Margaret Harris (Aimee Lou Wood).

Film Review: Empire of Light

With Empire of Light, director Sam Mendes delivers a powerful period drama that juggles mental health and the magic of cinema in what may very well be the finest film of this awards season.