The stars and dignitaries gathered Sunday night in Los Angeles to support the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran. This important cause strives to create international awareness and champions womens’ rights, gender equality, and basic human rights for all people of Iran.

Inglewood’s Youtube Theater hosted a once-in-a-lifetime concert and fundraiser to bring attention and change to the Iranian government and its societal views. Los Angeles hosts the largest community of Iranian expatriates within the Unites States. As such, it was no surprise that tens of thousands of supporters packed the theater.

All attendees were treated to performances from some of the biggest Persian music stars in the world including Ebi, Leila Forouhar, Faramarz and Aslani among others. Iranian rapper and songwriter Erfan Paydar was on hand to lend his supprt to the cause.

“It’s been a few months since the revolution and it’s very important to keep hope alive for the people” shared Paydar. “The people in Iran can’t do what we can here so it’s important for us to be an example for them and show them that we care about them and are going to keep the movement going.”

Erfan Paydar and Faramarz Aslani perform at “Live For Liberty” – Photo Credit Steve Thrasher

Today TV producer and host Sean Shahram Pirali continues to advocate for the Iranian people through his media platform. “It’s important we follow our legends and our elders- great people like Farzan Deljou (founder of Today TV), said Pirali. “He is a great example of freedom for our nation”

“Eighty-five million people in the county are captured. They have no voice, no freedom, no internet in most cases. It is a prison without handcuffs. You cannot say what you want, you cannot go where you want and you cannot wear what you want. It breaks my heart…” shared Pirali. “So it’s these legendary actors, directors, singers and musicians like Ebi and Leila (Forouhar) who are here tonight and the younger generation who can show the Iranian people the path they need to follow. At some point in time can have the freedom that we have in the states and around the world.”

“Live for Liberty” ambassador and actress Shiva Negar shared her desire to aid and assist the people of Iran through the organization. ” We don’t want the people of Iran to lose hope. We are still echoing and amplifying their voices and we are not going to back down” explained Negar. “We have freedom of speech here (in the U.S.) and we can speak out. They are risking their lives over there just by trying to demand basic human needs and human rights. We are here as a reminder to to all Iranians from all over the world that we are trying to get the message across to the International community.”

Fariba Forouhar, sister and manager of performer Leila Forouhar expressed her appreciation for all the artists coming together for this event. “We want to show the world that we are going to change things in Iran” shared Forouhar. “We need to have freedom and support women! The people of Iran deserve to have a regular life and freedom like other countries. The world needs peace and everyone should live with love. It’s time.”

Leila Forouhar performs at “Live For Liberty” – Photo Credit Steve Thrasher

“Live for Liberty LA” is produced by the Iran Democracy Council and EMH Productions, the leading Iranian concert brand in the world. The organization is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the brave people of Iran who are standing up to the injustices of the regime and continue to fight for the freedom we all deserve.

Crown Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi at “Live For Liberty” – Photo Credit Steve Thrasher

Ebi performs at “Live For Liberty” – Photo Credit Steve Thrasher