Apple TV+ celebrated the season 3 premiere of “Mythic Quest” at The Linwood Dunn Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday with a festive blue carpet.

“Mythic Quest” Creators and Executive Producers Rob McElhenney  (“Ian Grimm” in the series) and Megan Ganz were all smiles as they joined their co-stars and fellow creatives on the carpet. This is the first major event held for the series since it first hit Apple TV+ in 2020.

Ganz, who is also a writer on the series, said she was excited for this season because they have a new office “with a rooftop.” “It’s sort of a take on Apple’s Cupertino office with white walls and stuff,” she explained to Awards Focus.

Ganz is most excited to unveil the Christmas episode to fans, and cited the joy it was putting that together wishing the fabric of the show.

Having originated as a writer on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,”  Ganz has fully fallen in love with the world of “Mythic Quest” and game development.

“For my friend’s birthday, I actually built an escape room in my apartment,” says Ganz. “I came up with the puzzle and the lock combinations and how it was all going to work together.”

Ganz also shed light on when she first knew that “Mythic Quest” was going to be a hit. “The quarantine episode was a defining moment for us,” she recalled.  “We weren’t sure if we were going to come back and shoot, so we decided to shoot an episode remotely and it connected so much with audiences. That was the moment I realized that we were really connecting with people.”

Jessie Ennis, who plays “Jo” on the series, echoed Ganz’s sentiments about the excitement for the upcoming season. “It really just feels like it’s a train on its tracks and we get to just fly,” she explained of the synergy that comes with a successful team.

Ennis also lists her favorite episode this season as the Christmas episode. “It’s really special. I get to wear a ridiculous costume, which is unique for me in a workplace comedy,” she joked. “There’s just so much fun stuff to look forward to,” she said laughing. 

David Hornsby, who plays “David Brittlesbee,” was given the opportunity to direct the Christmas episode. “ It was a lot of fun directing in a ‘Dickinsonian outfit,’” Hornsby joke. “So, it ticked a lot of boxes.”

Rob McElhenney said he’s also he’s “pumped” for the upcoming season, not only because they are already renewed for another season, but because of the new sets. “I love new set that we have just to mix it up for the third season,” McElhenney said.

McElhenney also shared an insightful lesson about what he’s learned playing a titan of tech. “Maybe don’t think about yourself and only yourself at any given moment.”   

Danny Pudi was also in attendance and was proud to report that his character (“Brad Bakshi”) is out of jail this season.  While some viewers may see him as the villain, Pudi feels that Brad is the “hero” of his story.

Pudi went on to quote a line from the season: “Can you be a good person and still make a lot of money? Can those two things co-exist?” Pudi also reflected on his character’s inner-self. “Most people would fear going to jail. Brad would fear showing people his authentic self,” Pudi said.

Joe Manganiello, who makes an appearance in Season 3 as himself, said the main lesson he learned from his experience on the show was to “trust you gut and follow your inspiration.” “Don’t let Joe (played by Jessie Ennis) steamroll you,” the Magic Mike actor joked.

Apple TV+ Season Three Premiere of “Mythic Quest”, Linwood Dunn Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA - 9 Nov 2022
Los Angeles, CA – November 9: Joe Manganiello, Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney, Creator/Executive Producer, attend the season three premiere of the Apple TV+ series “Mythic Quest” at Linwood Dunn Theatre. “Mythic Quest” season three premieres globally on Apple TV+ on November 11, 2022.

Manganiello continued to explain his love for the show and why he decided to dive into the realm of the workplace comedy.  “I just love the fact that the nerds won,” he said.  “I’m currently directing the 50-year official history of Dungeons and Dragons documentary and all my subjects are these kids that grew up in small towns across the world.” Manganiello said.

“They grew up to take over Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and I think this show is kind of celebration of that,” Manganiello said. “If there is one thing I learned, it’s that nerds rule!”

Mythic Quest season three premieres on Apple+ on November 11, 2022.